Sculpture by   Oliver Harwood


Sculptures on this page are currently available for purchase.
Please contact Oliver for prices and shipping. Each Sculpture is a one-off original piece.

Decay: The natural progression to non-existence, greatly feared but intensely beautiful.  These sculptures look at different states of change.

Under Current (Decay series)

"Under Current" is a piece about transformation, metamorphosis.  Carved from a boulder of Tufa, this sculpture embraces erosion both in the natural stone appearance and the sculpture design.  Referencing corral and the transition of a utilitarian vessel into an marine habitat ecosystem.  I like the idea that the boat shape references an object that floats on water and fights the current, yet when submerged embraces the currents as home.  This six feet long sculpture works well both inside and outdoors.



74" L     32" W     20"H

178cm   77cm    48cm


800lbs  /  364Kg





Sunset Lore (Decay series)

Carved from Indiana Limestone finished with wax and wood ash.  Inspired by all the memories and accumulated stories that must be held in a shipwreck.  There is also an intentional link between boat ribs and our own with the memories we hold close to our heart.

Manitoba Limestone


23" L     7" W     8"H

58cm    18cm    20cm


30lbs  /  14Kg




Emote (Decay series)

Standing five feet tall this sculpture is about exposing one's true feelings.  It's as if the chest is folded back to reveal a giant teardrop from joy and sorrow.  I find there is peacefulness in Love as there is in Sorrow... this piece has a very peaceful presence.



26" W     14" D     60"H

58cm    18cm    20cm


500lbs  /  230Kg




Inner View (Decay series)

Definitely a signature piece, "Inner View" tackles the "beauty is skin deep" perception.  Designed to look inside and then through the sculpture, this piece brings inner beauty to the surface.  Carved from Italian Marble, the back side is a natural weathered surface.  This sculpture has been reviewed by an art magazine and exhibited in a sculpture park.



104" L     11" D    42"H

250cm    26cm  100cm


1000lbs  /  450Kg