Sculpture by   Oliver Harwood


Sculptures on this page are currently available for purchase. Please contact Oliver for prices and shipping. Each Sculpture is a one-off original piece.

Symbiosis: The integral relationship of life forms ....dependent for survival.

Symbiosis (Symbiosis series)

Tufa is a beautifully organic stone formed as a lime based precipitate often in rich calcite areas such as hot springs and caves.  Set into the sleek boats are slate "tokens" slightly etched with a human shape. These human shapes represent the super-rational human characteristic trying to avoid symbiosis but inevitably being transported along.  A series of eight slightly different pieces.  All the boat forms are floating on and arc of stainless steel.


Tufa, Slate,
Stainless Steel


23" L     6" W     8"H

58cm    15cm    20cm


15lbs  /  7Kg




There are eight Symbiosis boats in this series.  Please email for more individual images.